Soft Care


The Soft-Care series forms a comprehensive range of personal hygiene products, from general purpose cleansing to specialized continence care. The Abena Soft-Care range includes washcloths, wet wipes, wash gloves, foam and Airlaid wipes.

Paper washcloth
Highly absorbent chlorine free bleach washcloth, ideal for wiping. When just lightly moistened the scrubbing effect on skin is good. If than completely soaked in water, it becomes soft and suitable for gentle body washes as it also lathers well with soap.

3 layers of paper tissue
6 layers of paper tissue
9 layers of paper tissue


Wet wipes
Wet Wipes made from Non-Woven materials that suit every need and purpose. Wet wipes are wiping and washing solutions in one product and essential where use of water is limited or no option at all. After use they can be easily disposed with very low impact on the environment.

Green:     50-60 gsm


Wash Gloves
A practical pocket shaped washcloth, due to the pocketshape the gloves stays well in the hand while in use. In addition the Soft-Care Wash gloves are made with an oval opening to help patients as well as careers with easy access. Available in Airlaid, Molton, Non-Woven


Foam Wipes
Ideal body wash solutions for many different scenarios, as they are durable with good scrubbing abilities while feeling soft to the skin. After use they can be easily disposed with extremely low impact on the environment.

20 kg PE/m3
23 kg PE/m3
23 kg PE/m3  + 20%  volume

Airlaid wipes
Ideal for patient body wash, as they are made from Airlaid material which makes it very soft when wet. Abena washcloths are colour coded, making it easy to distinguish between the different varieties.

Green:     50-60 gsm
Red:     60-70 gsm
Blue:     70 gsm and above