Skin care

Abena has an extensive range of skin care products which has been developed from customer needs and demands.

  • Abena offers a comprehensive range of skin care products for daily use. These products are suitable for both dry/problem skin, and normal skin and/or where patients have to be washed frequently due to the effects of incontinence.
  • The skin care products are made from high quality raw materials and with as few ingredients as necessary, to minimise the risk of allergic reaction. Our entire product range complies with all legislation applied to these types of product.
  • The basic products are either delivered in a practical, hygienic dispenser containing 500ml with pump, or in smaller, individually sized tubes.
  • International product labels in various languages.

Abena skin care products are colour-coded and organised in categories:

Ointments and special creams in tubes White
Products to be used with water Blue
Products to be used without water Green
Creams and lotion Yellow

Abena SkinCare Catalogue