Efficiency throughout the supply chain

We strive to produce products that are as slim and discreet as possible whilst offering the maximum possible absorption properties. This improves user comfort, but also minimises raw material use, use of packaging material and transportation volume.

Another area of focus is the packaging material. We use only materials that are safe, hygienic, and which can be 100% recycled or incinerated.

Wherever possible we use recycled material in our packaging. At the same time, our environmental accreditations from organisations such as “Der Grune Punkt” and the Nordic Eco Label “Swan”, require us to continue to reduce packaging material volume.

And we always aim to package our products in the most efficient way, whether in bags, cartons or on the pallets – it does make an important difference! In the entire process of minimising packaging volumes, we never compromise on quality. We know that only by maintaining the highest product quality will our products deliver less leakage and optimum performance