Incontinence products

We are committed to constantly seeking to improve the quality of life of our incontinence product users. Our goal is to meet their need for security, discretion and comfort.

Our products are subject to constant innovations and our ranges set a fresh and decisively more ambitious standard for disposable incontinence products.

Our range is manufactured in Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden at some of Europe’s largest and technologically most advanced plants. Beside our own brand ABENA, we produce several private label products.

High-technology production and development

Abena’s incontinence products are produced in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France. The companies are some of the most considerable in Europe and technologically most advanced among the companies who produce products for the care sector.

The companies are ISO 9001 certified, and several of the products are marked with the Danish ecolabel “The Swan”. Still investments are made regarding additional environmental- and quality improvements, so that we can always live up to our responsibility regarding increased quality for the users.

Quality control ISO 9002

All of our diaper production is subject to strickt 24-hour quality control in our state of the art laboratory to ensure that the products meet and exceed all international standards.

Our highest priority is to ensure that our products develop in line with the quality and specifications demanded by our consumers. To this end we use extensive consumer research in conjunction with the latest laboratory testing to deliver tomorrows diapers today.